Is your organization fully prepared to meet the business challenges of the future?


Are leadership roles consistently filled with identifiable & capable successors?


Are employee development investments targeted, and do they produce results?


Are staffing processes effectively attracting and retaining “high potential” talent?


Are employees fully committed to organizational success; do they know what is expected of them?


If your organization is experiencing challenges effectively attracting, retaining, developing or transitioning 'high potential' talent, then Trisian-Global Consulting (TGC) can help.  


TGC is a practical, down to earth Human Resources Consulting and Coaching firm that focuses on increasing employee engagement levels, improving critical leadership capabilities and maximizing organizational performance. Since 1999, TGC has assisted service-oriented companies realize the full return on their current and future talent investments   At TGC, our approach is grounded in understanding our client's Human Capital challenges and then tailoring solutions to meet those challenges. Our holistic insight and real-world experience allow us to ‘think outside the box’ and implement solutions that effectively: 


Attract, retain & develop top talent

Clarify organizational direction & purpose

Align talent to the strategic vision & purpose of the organization

Introduce new ideas & initiatives to facilitate positive / sustainable change 


We offer the following services, either individually or as integrated packages.  Please click on the pictures below to learn more about our services.  


HR Consulting Services

Our highly skilled professionals provide comprehensive HR Services and Advisory support to small and mid-sized organizations in the US and Canada.


Training & Development

Human Capital is the greatest asset that organizations possess - Our T&D programs prepare employees for future career progression and significantly improve organizational performance.


Our Coaching Programs are intensive and serve as powerful catalysts for internally motivated individuals who want or need to accomplish more in less time. 

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