Training & Development


TGC offers affordable and customizable training programs designed to improve leadership effectiveness, enhance employee performance and prepare talent for future career progression. 


If you want to provide training opportunities for your employees but have limited time or resources in-house, TGC can help.  We offer the following options:



Leadership Development


The success of your organization depends significantly on the strength of your managers, and their ability to set clear goals, motivate employees and manage performance. TGC offers targeted programs designed to help close leadership gaps that are impacting organizational growth and success. 





Employee Development


Employees want opportunities for professional development so they can make a difference. TGC offers training options that focuses on the key business skills that most employees need and want. These courses are designed to motivate your team, improve employee performance and prepare them for future career progression. 





Express Training


These short, succinct 1 Hour Training programs are designed for line managers, supervisors or team leaders to deliver in meetings or as stand-alone training session. Express Training gets the key message across in 1 hour or less while minimizing the impact on business operations.


Our affordable training programs are customizable and can be delivered in-house by TGC, virtually, or facilitated by your Human Resources or Management team.  


Please contact us to discuss how TGC can assist with the professional and career development needs of your organization. 



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